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Hi, I'm Catherine & I abso-bloomin'-lutely LOVE being creative, choosing a camera to 'paint with light', watching & waiting for those 'in-between' moments. Welcome to all that is CBP - enjoy & don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything you need. C x

My style

I'm a creative, natural, organic, 'in the moment' photographer, always responding to YOU, to the environment, to the light, creating as I go & working with everything around me that inspires me & gives YOU something that is truly unique & personal.

It's an artful process - it's all about making memories  / keepsakes & creating images worthy of printing LARGE to adorn & transform your beautiful spaces: a talking point with that 'wow' factor. 

I work with you to create something that 'fits' YOU, YOUR loved ones, YOUR family, YOUR environment & YOUR lifestyle.

It's all about YOU, YOUR STORY, nothing more, nothing less!

I'm totally up for conceptual art, designing something a little different, of collaborative opportunities too: do just shout!

I believe in 'story telling' & documenting emotion: I want you to FEEL something when you see my work; whether it's an image of a woodland, the beach, a stone, a pet, you, your loved one, your family, your children, your wedding, your business .....

It's always a fun experience & be prepared for me to get everyone shooting some moves, to have fun, to play, to jump. 

There's just something about simplifying an image into black & white that 'speaks' to me: I shoot colour too though!

Every shoot is different - very relaxed, natural & fun fun fun ... there's no point otherwise is there really ???     ** for examples of my work click here **

A few things you might like to know about me ...

* I love kicking autumn leaves, woodland walks, generally acting way too young for my age!  

* I love to jump in puddles - I'm waterproof aren't I ?

* Jumping & pulling some serious shapes is almost compulsory when out on a shoot  & if you're up for it, then so am I !

* I have a thing about hair flicking !

* My 'happy place' is the coast, the sandy beaches, taking off my shoes, enjoying the surf, beach-combing, immersing myself in the fabulous view ...

* I collect sea glass & one day I'll create a piece of art with it all ...

* I live in one of most beautiful & friendly places in the UK

* I'm proud to call myself an 'adopted Geordie!'

* I change my hair colour a little too frequently - oops ! In 2019 it's been blonde, blue, green & is currently grey/silver!

* I don't like dumplings !

* I collect vintage film cameras, photographs, photography & art books

* I love art, particularly modern art, & thoroughly enjoy going to galleries & exhibitions

* I have a BA (Hons) 1st Class in Photography - specialising in fine art, having graduated in 2013 as a mature student

* I have a Foundation Diploma in Fine Art (Yup - I'm arty farty!)

* I believe in giving back to others:  I give Fine Art talks to Camera Clubs, donate my time to causes close to my heart, help others &  am an appointed Judge for the Northern Counties Photographic Federation, which all keep me rather busy. 

So, you've made it this far & if you haven't already grabbed a brew, do that & have a good old look around my website, get to know me, view my portfolio & take in all the information that's here.

I'd love to hear from you if you've any questions, would like to book a shoot or have an enquiry about anything. Just click 'say hello', hit the email icon at the bottom of the page, complete the form or email me and I'll be in touch. 

Catherine x

** COMING SOON ... Why not hop over to  my Fine Art Boutique 'TheLITTLEFineArtCo' which has been borne from my absolute LOVE & PASSION of all things creative & offers a 'one-stop' e-boutique showcasing a selection of unique art prints, stationery, textiles, silks, wall coverings & homeware for your beautiful spaces. Available for OOAK pieces & commissions.   **

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