~ M ~

" Where to start about Catherine? A wonderful person with an extraordinary talent for photography. She made my first experience in front of a camera the most memorable & positive that I could of asked for. I was always at ease & never once felt awkward or uncomfortable. She restored my confidence & made me feel beautiful for the photographs that were produced & I am forever grateful for that. A truly wonderful person inside & out, we spent the day chatting in between the different set ups & the time just flew by. Her creativity helped produce some of the most amazing images of me, ones that I will treasure always. She is very considerate in what I wanted to get from the shoot & just let the day flow in terms of what we produced, allowing unplanned moments to happen & the images created happened to be some of the ones that turned out the best. Whether you are looking for an individual, couple, family or pet shoot, I can guarantee that Catherine will deliver on every level & exceed your expectations. Her kindness & patience is what makes her one-of-a-kind & the best photographer I could ask for. I certainly will be asking her for future shoots to capture all of the important moments in my life & she really does create some once-in-a-lifetime memories for you & your family. I can’t thank you enough Catherine, & I hope you succeed in your photography venture as it truly is what you were born to do. Love M x "

~ M ~

" Just a quick thank you for doing that shoot with M. The previews you've sent are fab. You've really made her feel beautiful & on top of the world, it's greatly appreciated. She loves them J xx "

~ E & I ~

" We had a lovely time with Catherine. She really went the extra mile to get the perfect shot. It was super fun & we are over the moon with the photos taken on the day & will cherish the memories the photos helped us create! "

~ D & Teddy ~

" We're thrilled with Teddy's photos & had a great time at the beach. Catherine made working with animals look so easy & really managed to capture his character! ''

~ J ~

" Catherine is great at tapping into you as an individual & allowing you to express that through her work. Her personal touch reaches through her professional approach allowing you to feel at ease in front of the camera! "

~ M ~

" When I first met Catherine I hated having my photograph taken but that’s all changed now. Catherine has a way of putting you at ease & empathising with that fear we all have (if we’re honest) of being in front of the camera. She made me realise there is no need to worry or to stress about it – but just to enjoy the photographic experience: after all – a photograph is just a moment time. I have complete trust & confidence in Catherine in her work & know that she will produce something that is sympathetic & something that I will enjoy as a document for years to come. So much so that it’s completely natural now for me to have my photograph taken. Catherine is warm & kind & always open to suggestions & will never impose herself upon you. "

~ Shirley ~

" I've known Catherine for about 4 years as a friend & a mentor. She also took photos of my 5 grandchildren & they loved the easy going atmosphere Catherine created whilst she got some AWESOME shots of them! I LOVE her sometimes quirky way of shooting as well as her Fine Art. I must say life's never boring while she's around! "

~ J, T & L ~

" I wanted something special for my husband for our 30th wedding anniversary & my goodness, Catherine came up with the goods. I wanted a surprise photograph of me with our two kids on the beach & Catherine just had loads of quirky fun ideas I'd never have thought of! A brilliant experience & one happy husband. Thank you Catherine!

~ Denise & Leo ~

I can certainly recommend Catherine for pet & people photography - she always produces images that have that 'little bit of something different'. I really like her style of photography!

~ I ~

" Catherine’s passion for her photography is really inspiring. She was so creative & enthusiastic during our photo shoot, we all had such fun! We went to some beautiful places so we had a really memorable day out! The poses felt really natural, she often told us to just ‘have fun & enjoy the waves’ while she shot away! Really happy with our photos, beautiful scenery, lighting & colours throughout. Catherine has a talent that really shines through in her work! Highly recommend! "

~ R ~

" I had the pleasure of first meeting Catherine a number of years ago at an access course for art & photography. She has continued to wow me with her work ever since. Always going the extra mile to produce truly remarkable images. Would definitely recommend. "

~ E & W ~

" We had a really great time with Catherine at the beach for our photoshhoot, it didn't take too long & we didnt get that wet either! "

~ T ~

" I have had the privilege of knowing Catherine as a fellow photographer & working alongside her for some time. She never ceases to amaze me with her creativity & her strive for something different: her approach is so enthusiastic & tireless, always looking for that in between moment. "

~ maggiescentres.org ~

" Wow Catherine these are stuning !!! Thank you so much! "

~ E & Family ~

" I once read that 2nd & subsequent children never have as many photos as the 1st child. Something to do with you simply haven't got time, or the energy, to record all the moments. When I did fall pregnant with my 2nd, this article was in the front of my mind & I knew I wanted as many photos of this child as I had for my first. I was so pleased to have Catherine in our home to photograph the new stage in our family life. Whilst the manic lifestyle of having 2 children was starting to sink in, Catherine really worked around us & made me & us feel totally relaxed. She was brilliant with my 4 year old daughter (who was obviously craving as much attention as possible), alongside working really well with my 6 month old to create some amazing photos. I only had 2 requests from the photoshoot. I wanted to replicate a photo that my daughter had taken when she was 6 months old... catherine did this brilliantly. The photo really made me quite emotional... and was exactly what I wanted. The other request was a Christmas style photo which turned out more amazing than I could imagine. It not only captured our kids in the most gorgeous way, but the photos are something we can keep forever. One thing Catherine persuaded us to do was a family photograph & I am so pleased Catherine persuaded us to do it. My husband & I are not big on photos/selfies etc. .... but the photos are just beautiful & we have these forever. Catherine was very creative with the sitiation we were in. Obviously being in my home, using the natural light to her advantage ... she created some magnificent shots. Shots we can treasure, forever. "

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